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The Provincial Court of Malaga has notified the judgment of the called “Malaya Case”, the corruption scheme disjointed in the municipality of Marbella, with 84 defendants.

The court condemns the mastermind of the plot, Juan Antonio Roca, to 11 years in prison and 240 million euro fine.

Pedro Román, the right hand of the deceased Mayor of Marbella Jesus Gil y Gil, is sentenced to four years in prison and pay a fine of 2.5 million euros.

The former mayor of Marbella Julián Muñoz has been sentenced to two years in prison and five of disqualification.

The former mayor Marisol Yague, is sentenced to seven years and nine months in prison and a fine of over two million. Corulla Montserrat has been sentenced to four years in prison and a fine of 30 million euros. The former mayor Isabel García Marcos has been sentenced to four years in prison.

The Court agrees that the goods seized and fines reintegrate the City of Marbella to face your debt with the IRS and Social Security.

Scheme of generalized economic and political corruption

The High Court ruling that in Malaga Marbella Town Hall had established a weft of widespread political and economic corruption processed by and under the power actually exercised by Juan Antonio Roca.

This corrupt practice consisted of commercial favoritism through municipal resolutions in favor of developers, builders and investors, who in exchange for handouts planning regulations violated to the detriment of the general interest. The goal was the political control of the city council for economic benefits.

Roca serving as mayor actually in order to carry out a number of businesses in their own interest and not the general interest sometimes buying wills of people and the councilors who approved all that came to planning and other acts of his   benefits.


The Court described the absolute dereliction of duties being made by Councilors processed, putting their private interests and the acceptance of gifts beyond their obligations under public office flaunted.

The scheme woven by Roca included politicians, lawyers, businessmen, banks and even a judge.
The level of corruption reached such a degree that for the first time ever in municipal Spanish history, had to dissolve the Council and create a Management Board until new elections.

The Court echoes the desire and hope of the people of Marbella that some of the money confiscated in this process proceeds revert to the benefit of the town which with he general atmosphere of corruption that has been involved has suffered obvious moral and economic damage and must be compensated to the extent possible.

It’s not fair that because of the acts and conduct here prosecuted, the people of Marbella is indebted for years with Finance and Social Security, while money and other property confiscated reverse in different locations.
The Court believes respectfully and humbly and so agreed that confiscated assets and fines satisfied being used to pay the Marbella Town Hall debt with such public entities.

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