The real-estate investment reached 2.700 millions in Spain in 2013 increasing 50 %

The real-estate investment reached 2.700 millions in Spain in 2013, increase 50 %, according to the study High International Investment 2014 elaborated by Cushman&Wakefield

A significant increase has been detected in the interest of international investors in Spain, a “transparent” market with an economy that starts giving signs of improvement and that offers good possibilities in the short and medium term.

This way, in the first two months of 2014 the total investment in commercial real estate has ascended to approximately 550 million Euros, 175 % more than in the same period of 2013.

The study also indicates that in 2014 it hopes that the market grows in Europe between 12 % and 13 %, and that the investing opportunists and the foreign demand have been key to reactivate the dealing in the Europe, where the principal markets continue being France, Germany and United Kingdom, which they grew 24 % and support 66 % of the whole investment in Europe.

The value of the real-estate investments in 2013 was 859.000 million Euros in the whole world, which supposes an increase of 23 % and the highest level from 2007. Asia led the investment with a growth of 25 %, being the Chinese market his principal engine after betting specially for the purchase of areas, offices and retail.

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