Purchases and mortgages Rising in Spain

Rising a 41.5% the number of homes that have been acquired during the first quarter of this year compared to the same period 2013. A positive figure as obtained in the registers, plus we also raise the number of mortgages for housing and creation of new companies.

Before rejoice too, remember that most of the purchases planned for 2013 were advanced to 2012 to tax deductible on purchase of residence, so this is compared to a first quarter especially black.

March 30,300 transactions were completed, representing an annual increase of 35% . Highlighting  the increased volume of used homes transferred 48.5%.

Based on these data and those for loans and incorporation of companies,26,000 in the first quarter, the Central Statistical Information Notaries, speaks of “the end of the depressive spiral.”

As for the price per square meter during the quarter, up 1.6%. If we stick to those sold in March, scores 1,248 euros per square meter, after a fall of almost 5% yoy.

In March prices rose slightly used homes, 1%, while it fell by 14.5% year-on of the free price, standing at 1,798 euros per square meter

It’s the end of the crisis?

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