The richest man of China offers 260 millions for the Building “Spain”

The Bank Santander has received an offer of the businessman Wang Jianlin, the richest man of China and president and founder of the group Dalian Wanda, to buy the Building Spain, placed in Madrid, for 260 million Euros.

As publishes today the diary The World, the Santander, which was done by the historical building in 2005 it acquiring to Metrovacesa for 389 million Euros, it goes a time trying to sell the building. Sources of the bank have admitted that several offers exist for the skyscraper of the Plaza of Spain, though none of them is still closed.

The giant Chinese Dalian Wanda Group is one of the major hotel groups and of cinemas of China and his president and founder, Wang Jianlin, account, according to the magazine Forbes, with a fortune estimated of 135.000 millions of yuanes

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